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Home art decorations -- American country style 2019-11-08 exhibition

In this changing and busy society, it will be a blessing thing

if we have a cozy and relaxing place.

American country home style has a living attitude of "back to the simplicity and


and life should be wasted in the sun, air, water and living land.

Wood and stone materials, small florals, cotton linen, plants, brightness and elegance

with a bit chic, are all its spatial vocabulary.

Let the gentle and comfortable atmosphere extend to the surrounding walls or corners.

The artistic interpretation of a piece of art will enrich the homey time.

Starting from the Industrial loft style today.

--American country style--

Artworks tips: natural simplicity, fresh and comfortable, clean and smart

Artist notes: Eva Paulin, Andrzej Szymczyk, Yury Popov, Chen wenyu,

Lin Xinying, Chen Hsiaoshu, Hsu Tunchieh, Yeh Tinghsuan, Lee Yiru, Yu Sin, Xiao Jizhen,

Tsai Hsingying, Wu Moru, Han chenji, Chen Ning, Chen Peiyu