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Home art decorations --Japanese zen style 2019-06-20 exhibition

The traditional Japanese home style is influenced by Japanese-style architecture,

paying attention to the flow and practical functions of the spaces.

The straight lines or geometric shapes, simple and elegant, close to nature

are the main elements on the materials and decorations;

the beige-white, original wooden color are the basic color tone.

Japanese home style reflects a natural and harmonious leisure in a simple and modest way.

The modern Japanese style continues the concept of simple life,

concerning about the relationship and atmosphere between the space and the objects,

and creates the aesthetics of zen mutually.

So a piece of art that can communicate with minimalist space is very important. 

Starting from the Japanese zen style today. 

--Japanese zen style--

Artwork tips:warm and elegant、zen art、peace with Nature

Artist notes:Liao, Yanting、Huang, Mingsheng、Hsu, Chiachi、Chien, Chihkang、

Zheng, Yuanzhe、Zhuang, Cilu、Wu, Chingchih、Shen, Jiawen、Wu, Yiwen、Huang,

Chinghui、Wang, Zhenglin

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