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Home art decorations--Classical style 2019-06-12 exhibition

The traditional classical style mainly reflects the graceful and delicate beauty,

line board, engraving, edging, mirror, crystal, etc., full of complicated details;

the neoclassical style combines the modern low key and simplicity,

adding the functionality and fine texture to the structural design and decorations,

not just a glossy look fully with complex details.

For the modern and classical home decor, art décor becomes a very important part.

Let’s come and study the affordable luxury today!

--Classical style--

Artwork tips:splendid、stereographic、graceful curve

Artist notes:Vladimiras Nikonovas / Hsieh, Binyan / Chen, Liyan / Shi, Zhiwei /

Santanu Nandan Dinda / Wu, Moru / Tsuei, Chiammei / Chen, Peiyin / Lin, Cheng/ Zeng, Guanhua

MinColors welcomes you to share your art walls:)