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Home art decorations--Industrial Loft style 2019-05-13 exhibition

The industrial loft style starts from Europe to the United States,

and then all the way to Asia.

It has become the home decoration style of young people

to show their unique personality and casual life.

On the bare and rough walls and in the rational and ample space

are very suitable to join art pieces to enhance the warmth of the home

and represent the living sense of oneself.

Starting from the Industrial loft style today.

--Industrial loft style--

Artworks tips: personal charisma, retro design, color and material mixing

Artist notes: Daphne H.C. Shen, Tu, Shengchun, Kao, Jenshyue, Tan, Junhung, Chang,

                     Kaihsiang, Eric Migom, Wei, Ziyun, Lai, Shenru, Chen, Zongxun