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Home art decorations--Nordic style 2019-04-30 exhibition


Life is colorful, and a comfortable home will not only just have one look.

Similarly to our feelings and emotions,

there will be ups and downs as the season shifts and the environment changes.

No matter what original style your "home" was,

let's beautify the living space with art pieces to welcome the spring days.

Let the spaces have their visual monologues

as well as reflect your unique life and aesthetic taste.

Starting from the Nordic style today.


--Nordic style--

Artworks tips: bright and vivid colors, fresh and simple composition, coexistence with nature

Artist notes: Huang, Yujia / Chen, Youpeng / Chen, Zhaotong / Chen, Yen Ju / Huang, Lili / Lu Jingyun / Zhao, Jiren

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