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Go Go Art Zoo--Your Art Playground--Fancy World 2019-04-03 exhibition


Walt Disney ever said,

“Disneyland will never be completed, as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

Our imagination can be a source of creative inspiration!

Let art take you to fancy world and let your imagination soar!

Happy spring break.

Open "What a fancy world", what do you see? Be imaginative with MinColors’ artists.

To celebrate Children’s Day this April, take the art home without shipping fee (Taiwan area),

and discount for overseas.

Go this way:

Daphne H.C. Shen:

Hong, Yu-His:

Xu, Xiao-li:

Chen, You-Peng:

Tan, Jun-hung:

Chen Ning:

Vladimiras Nikonovas:

Santanu Nandan Dinda:

Lee, Yi-Hsuan:

Chen, Zong-xun:

Chen, Wen-yu: