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Go Go Art Zoo--Your Art Playground--People 2019-04-02 exhibition


There are all kinds of things on this earth, and different kinds of people as well.

The tallest person in medical history is Robert Pershing Wadlow (American), being 2.72m tall,

the shortest man is Chandra Bahadur Dangi (Nepalese), measuring 54.6 cm,

and Li Ching Yuen (Chinese) lived to be 256 years old as the world’s oldest man.

And " Will I be somebody famous in the world some day?"

"Honey, you are the most unique piece of art in our life."

Open "Who are they?", who do you see? Be imaginative with MinColors’ artists.

To celebrate Children’s Day this April, take the art home without shipping fee (Taiwan area),

and discount for overseas.

Come this way~

Ching-Hui Huang:
Han, Chen-Ji:
Jolita Cesonyte:
Uuk Paramahita:
Zhou, Yi-an:
Ye, Bo-yu:
Huang, LiLi:
Cai, Rui-yu:
Hsu, Chia-chi:
Huang, Yu-jia: