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Go Go Art Zoo--Your Art Playground--Animals 2019-04-01 exhibition


April is a magical month for children in Taiwan, especially the Children‘s Day on 4/4.

It seems that children’s sweet dreams will all come true.

Big hands hold small hands, and a holiday becomes a happy land,

and also an amusement park at the night dream.

Pablo Picasso ever said:

"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child."

"Every child is a born artist."

Children own the purest perspective and the highest creativity.

They will draw beyond the limited square when given a piece of drawing paper.

In art, everyone is their own master.

MinColors invites you and your child to the art playground,

and discover the original spirituality and rhythm of the lives.

Open "Wow! Animals.", what do you see? Be imaginative with MinColors’ artists.

To celebrate Children’s Day this April,  take the art home without shipping fee
 (Taiwan area),

and discount for overseas.

Come this way:

Wu, Pei-yi:
Tsuei, Chiam-Mei:
Chang, Fei-ching:

Chen, Yen Ju:

Huang, LiLi:

Zhao, Ji-Ren:

Cai, Rui-yu:

Lai, Shen-ru:

Hsieh, Bin-Yan: