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Wu, Gia-rong
Born in Miaoli, Taiwan in 1989, she graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of National Taiwan Normal University with a master's degree on Chinese Painting. She was awarded the 13th Color Ink Award in 2016.

We are not Peter Pan, we will all grow up, but we always have a dream island in our hearts, a place for self-realization. What does your Neverland look like? What friends did you meet? Do you live a happy life? Let's take a look at Gia-rong’s! Her neverland has a beautiful bird with a big beak living in the magical forest. It can enjoy the sweet fruits of the lotus tree every day, daydreaming among the peculiar flowers and plants, and taking adventures occasionally. We seem to feel the artist’s optimistic and positive philosophy from her wonderful fantasy paintings. She absorbs and digests life experiences to develop the paintings with a beautiful Utopia.Let’s enter her fancy painting to get away the unpleasant pressures and sadness and realize our inner imagination about the ideal world.