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Zheng ,Jia-yao
Born in 1994 in Miaoli, grew up on the animal has a great curiosity in life there are many     Story is unfolding, we are born in this world, everyone is an actor, and plays a different role, Coexistence between people like the art of a glamorous, looking around different script played out, I put what I saw, observed, will show my way out of it, because the art from in life. Creation comes from living animals are most commonly encountered in daily life objects, so for me, the most in line with my animals, "Art comes from life," the idea. Animals because of changes in the environment has changed, and therefore in a different era, but also derived from different styles and forms, and traditional Chinese painting freehand painting is the focus of the ㄧ deserves to be studied and discussed.
180x180 cm
90x180 cm
70x140 cm