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Lee, Jie-xin
Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1993, Lee, Jie-xin graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of National University of Tainan. She is particularly fascinated by oriental ink and eastern gouache on the road of learning art. And after further exploring and working on this material, she takes it as her painting direction. The tiny things and everyday objects in life may trigger our inner emotions, external behaviors, or become a kind of visible projection from the memory and the indefiniteness.

To Lee, entering this society is like transferring to a bigger fish tank from the small one. We swim in the turbid, stagnant water, going back and forth, hitting the walls around with the posture of freedom and youthful energy. We are trapped and drifted; however we can’t help but stay and live inside. Facing the complexity and troubles while trying to fit into society, LEE chose to interpret them with implications: elegant, soft and beautiful, fish in still water, repeated patterns. Real life is a fish tank; however, change your perspective, the world will be different.
Eastern Gouache  
Eastern Gouache  
Eastern Gouache