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Huang, Ching Chun
Born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1994, Huang, Ching Chun graduated from the Department of Visual Arts and Design at National University of Tainan. She is currently studying for the Master of Ink Painting at National Taiwan Normal University. Huang specializes in oriental media for many years. Recent years, she has also combined the skill of glue-pigment and the collage of foils. Spiritual expression entwines the realistic signification makes the reality more visible among the misty illusion.

Illusion with reality is Huang’s painting style. The high-chroma modern costumes, fashionable accessories or toys are the nostalgia for the past, today’s pursuit, and the desire for the future. It is the node of time, linking everyone's life memory and urban change. And those complex emotions, uncertainties, conflicts, lost or anticipation, are all like a thin layer of gauze, covering on windows and railings, which looms up the words and experiences that are difficult to clarify.