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Chen, Yong-yu
Born in Miaoli, Taiwan in 1986, Chen, Yong-yu graduated from Department of Visual Arts of National Pingtung University of Education with the master degree.

From "attitude of life", "ecology of nature view" to "long life", CHEN presents his creative thinking and perseverance through the applying of ink colors, multiple techniques and the application of mixed media. In the early days, he used cockroaches as the painting subject to paint, looking at the world from the perspective of cockroaches, and then deducing to the perspective of humans to see the roaches, and further, he extends to discuss its environmental ecology and significance of its existence. To capture with eyes and feel with heart, CHEN turns his life experiences into creation. No matter how bad this world is, his enthusiasm and perseverance in art is like cockroaches, who cannot be killed easily, full of constant willpower and adaptability.