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Chen, Po-ting
Born in Taipei in 1993, Chen, Bo-ting graduated with a master's degree in plastic arts from the Department of Painting and Calligraphy Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts. "My creation is often connected with literature. I think the writing of poems and essays is just like the creation of paintings. They are the way of aesthetic representation."

The idea of the “Do not…” series of works comes from the three ape statues, which signifies the wisdom of "not looking, not listening, and not speaking", that is, "do not look at, listen to, or speak what is contrary to propriety." CHEN changed the three apes to horned frogs and made them wear modern products such as sunglasses, earphones, and masks to replace; arranged the banknotes of similar colors around the frogs. Blue represents the New Taiwan dollar, green is the US dollar, and red is the RMB.

The artist hopes to bring the viewers different reflections and perceptions from the perspective of oriental thought through his understanding of the imagery of the literature.