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Lin ,Xuan-zhe
Born in Taipei in 1980, he graduated from Taiwan Normal University with a master's degree in art. In 2013, he went to the Department of Plastic Arts at the 8th University of Paris to study contemporary art and new media. After returning to Taiwan, he completed his Ph.D at the National Taiwan Normal University. His works have been the collection of the CCA.

Lin Xuan-zhe's window reveals a far-away memory and truly reflects the emotions of the past. The window can be two worlds that are not permeated, but Xuan-zhe uses translucent and opaque staggered techniques to overlap the colors, so that the images outside the window and the thoughts in the window begin to flow and link. Time and space lose distance. Xuan-zhe's painting captures the footprints of life, quietly evoking our visual memories.
Oil painting 
Oil painting 
Acrylic Paint 
Acrylic Paint