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Ong Jing Ren
Born in Malaysia in 1991, Ong Jing Ren graduated from Taylor University, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design. Currently lives and works in Boston.

Gender, self-expression, and human connection have become the prevalent themes in most of his artwork. His latest series is based on real people and stories. He used strong, hidden messages to create a mood that reflects the feelings he has at the time of creating the artwork. Therefore, the pieces reflect real human experiences and emotions such as loneliness, happiness, hope, and love. He uses the combination of the lightest with the darkest color, black, and white. Black gives him a feeling of the unknown and sadness, white emanates hope and innocence. By creating this series, he hopes people who struggling with borderline personality disorder know that they are not alone.

Solo exhibition
2020 - Somerville Open Studio - Somerville, USA 2019 - Brickbottom Open Studio - Somerville, USA
2019 - Iron River Studio “Part of Her” Kuala Lumpur, MY

Group exhibition
2019 - The Hidden Art Gallery - Boston, USA 2019 - Brickbottom Gallery - Somerville, USA
2019 - The Bakery Lobby Gallery - Somerville, USA 2019 - Conceptions Art Show - Boston, USA
2019 - Sri Bestari international School “Lost Inside” - Kuala Lumpur, MY
2016 - White Box Publika, “Suits” - Kuala Lumpur, MY
2016 - SMJK Triang, “Pattern” - Pahang, MY
Acrylic Paint 
Mixed Media 
Acrylic Paint 
Mixed Media 
165x165cm( 2 pieces)
Mixed Media 
164x284cm(2 pieces)