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Cloud Gallery
Cloud Gallery was founded in 1997, has longstanding cooperation with pioneering artists of technical, academic and professional excellence, foregoing those artists with a more commercial, business-oriented nature and for more than 20 years. The gallery mainly focuses on Taiwanese artists, but also represents various outstanding artists from countries such as France, Japan and China. Their goal is to be one step advanced the trend, and select timeless collections for the public. The artist Chan, Yufang is one of their outstanding and exclusive artists.

Born in Taipei in 1983, Chan, Yufang’s artist career can be traced back to his persistent passion for art. His solid art foundation is based both on National Taiwan Art University and top notch Fine Art porgramme at National Taiwan Normal University.

Never satisfied with his current achievement, Chan continues to explore the connection between him and the environment to figure out the tangle between reality and fantasy. His unique artistic language constitutes his solid painting skills and perception of life. Famous for his accurate composition, pure color expression as well as encompassing classical skill into contemporary issues, Chan successfully turns the bottom of Surrealist into his seeking for self- interpretation. His surrealist world attempts to demonstrate a more realistic meaning compared to the real world. The interlock between virtual and real world challenges viewers’ senses, indirectly discussing the most basic question in heart: the illusion of reality and the unknown reality.