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Jolita Cesonyte
Born in Vievis, Lithuania, Jolita Cesonyte graduated from Siauliu University, art faculty in 1989. After which she worked for 29 years as art teacher and now is independent artist, organizing her own exhibitions.

“Art is always a good challenge for me as if it was a way to look at myself from a distance and at the same time you can find out if others will welcome and understand your ideas. I cannot say that painting is easy for me, but maybe that is why it is very interesting and you never know where your art will take you.” Every new idea and story, which always has a person or two with either animals or objects surrounding them - symbols that are keys that let her open her stories.

These elements or symbols floating and flowing around the person, sometimes accompany each other quietly, something play together happily. The world is a delicate, enchanting journey through the relationship between people and Nature, reality and dream as William Blake’s line "Everything that lives, lives not alone, nor for itself". Through the moving lines, streaks, circles and fairylike colors of Jolita’s paintings, we see the world where Nature and the humans coexist.

2018 "Coast" personal exhibition, Klaipeda gallery. Lithuania.
2017 "Under the white flag" personal exhibition at Pylimo gallery.Lithuania.
2014 "Path" international exhibition in Vilnius, Talin and Riga. Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.
2013 "XXI century anatomy", Ark gallery, Vilnius. Lithuania.
2012 "XXI century auto-portrait", Ark gallery, Vilnius. Lithuania.
2003 Beeline company, Moscow. Rusia.
2002 Archangelskoje gallery, Moscow. Rusia.
2000 Archangelskoje gallery, Moscow. Rusia.
1999 Kaisiadoriu town hall. Lithuania.
1995-1999 "Miniatures", in Vartu(Gates) gallery in Vilnius. Lithuania.
Acrylic Paint 
Acrylic Paint 
Acrylic Paint 
Acrylic Paint 
Acrylic Paint