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Kazu Saito
Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1960, Kazu Saito graduated from Kyoto City Arts University in 1987. Kazu Saito explored Nihonga all the way. In addition to retaining the fineness of texture, color, form and space in Japanese art, he transforms his aesthetic experiences and the feelings of all things in life into a poetic conception and charming aesthetics with his unique new contemporary image. "I want to look deeply at the essence of impression, connect the moving tradition to the future, and convey the essence of that impression in a simple visual language.

The pursuit of beauty and the expression of art are all part of Kazu Saito’s life. Life is spring, summer, autumn and winter, day and night, sun, moon and stars, wind, rain, water, flowers and grass, they move everlastingly; however, they seem to be still in the huge space of the universe. Kazu Saito paints the impermanence and immortality in a nearly monochrome color on paper, brightening the beauty of life with the pigments of minerals. In a limited paper, the depth of mind and the vast of memory are hidden. As if we can see the power of the tranquility as well as the magnificence of the all ages from Kazu Saito’s paintings.

His works are often exhibited in major department stores in Japan by solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions. And he has won numerous art awards such as Shinwa Art Exhibition (Gold Prize), Kyoto Art and Craft Exhibition(Grand Prize), Japanese painting 100 people Exhibition(Excellence Honorable Mention Award), Nikkei Japanese Painting Awards (Recommendation), etc.
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Eastern Gouache