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Hono Sun
Born in 1977 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Hono Sun graduated from the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta. He is a full-time artist and has participated in art exhibitions since 1999. He was a 2008 Jakarta Art Award finalist, a 2002 Indofood Art Award finalist, a Phillip Morris Indonesia Art Award finalist in 2000 and 2001 and won Gold award Uob painting Of the Year 2016.

As a pluralist, Hono Sun keeps seeking new technique and various ideas. He paints landscapes, activities around them and surrounding social phenomenon by exploring abstract, surrealistic, and impressionistic techniques to get more inspiring visuals, using bold strokes, contrast of colors to create visual impact and enhance the fantastical elements. Hono uses representational subjects and juxtaposes them in a manner more akin to the abstract, allowing the audience to ponder upon his alluded social issues and layered emotions behind subjects, colors and strokes.

"Art is the effort to reach and to create beauty. In painting, the beauty is created when elements support such as color, shape, lines, technique , objects, composition, and social context, thus can move, touch and raise the audience's imagination to find the new meaning and conscience."

2016 Gold award Uob painting Of the Year 2016
2008 Finalis & Penghargaan khusus dewan juri, at the Jakarta Art Award 2008
2008 Finalis lomba seni lukis “SETELAH 20 MEI”,Jogja gallery, Yogyakarta
2002 Finalis Indofood Art Award 2002
2001 Finalis Phillip Morris Indonesia Art Award 2001
2000 Finalis Phillip Morris Indonesia Art Award 2000

Selected Exhibition
2018 “ADU DOMBA “ Hono Sun and Riduan, sangkring art space, Yogyakarta. 2018 Hip Now Color, bentara budaya, Yogyakarta
2018 Play Drive, Art Jakarta, UOB Art, Both A6, Grand Ballroom, the ritz carlton, pasifik place, Jakarta
2018 Art Work on Display #1, Lare lento art studio, Yogyakarta
2017 pameran seni delayota art #12 “ mengikis kebodohan moral dalam dunia pendidikan”, jogja nasional museum, Yogyakarta
2017 hono sun and giring prihatyoso “ bless of universe” limanjawi art space, borobudur, magelang
2016 pameran finalis uob painting of the year 2016, galeri ciputra, Jakarta
2012 Painting Exhibition, Taksu Gallery, Bali
2011 Bayang, Yayasan Seni Rupa Islam Indonesia, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta Artjog II, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
2010 Imagination, Vanessa Art Link, Jakarta
2009 Attachment, Roommate Curatorial Lab, Yogyakarta
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