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Kao, Jen-shyue
Born in Miaoli, Taiwan in 1985, Kao, Jen-shyue graduated from the Department of Fine Arts (Ink Painting) of National Taiwan Normal University with the doctoral degree in Art Creation and Theory. She’s not only participated in many solo and group exhibitions, but also has extensive experience in academic report, curatorial and book publication.

Painting for her is like playing, experimenting, adjusting while painting, never presupposing the final representation. Jen-shyue often mixes special materials in the process of creation, sometimes concessions, sometimes subversion, let the traditional and modern artistic concepts and techniques pulling each other and corresponding. The peacock symbolizes a human being and the human being metaphors a peacock. When the identity and role are replaced, the appearance is sometimes compromised, sometimes disguised, and sometimes ironic. The painter chooses the symbolic correspondence between the peacock and the self to simulate a survival illusion.