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Kevin Woodson
Woodson is a watercolor painter from Oakland, California, and he has been known internationally with his unique flower paintings. He has held shows in the U.S. and Taiwan, and receives commissions from all over the world.

His paintings are like poetry. In the seemly simple and abstract appearance, there are pages of stories to tell. Flowers are his first memory, with him since the age of two. Mom’s backyard garden proved to be inspiration for a lifetime of painting. “Human culture, love, and magic begin in the garden.” Kevin’s paintings begin in the gardens, greenhouses, in cloud forests, and anywhere flowers are blooming. When he makes the first watercolor strokes on the blank paper, he strives to paint the ephemera and drama of human passion, captured in a single bloom.


2018 NIGHT FLOWERS | Joyce Gordon Gallery | Oakland
2018 A JOURNEY OF LOVE | Living Lab Gallery | Taoyuan, Taiwan
2017 SECRET GARDEN | University of Malaya Art Gallery | Kuala Lumpur
2017 ART TAICHUNG | Fish Art Center | Taichung, Taiwan
2017 TO DREAM WITH FLOWERS | Living Lab Gallery | Taoyuan, Taiwan
2016 PEACE WITHIN CHAOS | Joyce Gordon Gallery | Oakland
2016 MARDI GRAS IS FOREVER IN FLOWERS | Spark Arts Gallery | San Francisco
2016 THE SECRET LIFE OF FLOWERS | Living Lab Gallery | Taoyuan, Taiwan
2015 FIESTA DE DALIAS EN ACUARLAS | Mexican Dahlia Society |Mexico City
2015 POLLINATION, OAKLAND STYLE | Oakland City Hall | Oakland
2014 THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS | International Flower Essence Center | Taipei
2014 VIBRANT IMPRESSIONS | Creative Framing Gallery | Oakland
2014 KEVIN’S FLOWERS GO TO CITY HALL | Oakland City Hall | Oakland
2014 SPRING BLOSSOMS | Together Art | Taipei 2014 THE LITTE GARDEN | Living Lab Gallery | Taoyuan, Taiwan
2014 FLOWERS FOR THE NEW YEAR | Galleria Scola | Oakland
2013 DANCING IN THE GARDEN | Grand Lake Ace Flower and Garden Center | Oakland
2011-2013 OAKLAND ART MURMUR | Uptown Body and Fender Gallery | Oakland

| Award |
2014 Oakland Magazine Reader’s Choice Best Artist

| Collection |
2017 Lotus Triptych: Standing, Pink Tide, Family | University of Malaya Art Gallery

| Book Publishing |
2011 THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS: The immediate beauty of flowers and ancient tales of love and magic | Flowers by Kevin | Poetry by Juan Pablo Gutierrez
8x11 inches
22x30 inches
22x30 inches
7x10 inches
25x30 inches
7x11 inches