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Chen, You-Peng
Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992, You-Peng graduated from Department of Fine Arts& Culture Creative Design of Huafan University. Now he is studying at the Department of Fine Art of National Taiwan Normal University for a master degree.

For him, painting is a kind of "habit". He uses painting to present a thing, and then communicates with the viewer with this direct visual experience. You-Peng combines two of his favorite elements, zipper and horse, in his painting. The zipper is a daily tiny item used as a medium of “time” in the creation. It’s an opening to talk about his opinion to life, the entrance to the next stage or a zip-up place to hide. “Horse” is an important part of his childhood memory. It represents the people living in this changeable time, looking for a better chance and achievement, and a painter like him for a good timing to shine in the art field.