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Chi-Chun Ku
Ku is a modern calligrapher and ink painter. Her works have been popular since she started her artist career. Her works has been exhibited and collected in many different cities. Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzou, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Busan, just name a few. Exhibitions in Taiwan, she is usually a regular exhibiting artist. Her style refers to abstract modernism. In 2016 and 2017, she collaborated with Uni-President company's MeiYanShe beverage for artist project. She had been invited by Ferarri Race and Samsung as demonstrate artist. She has also collaborated with US street brand Kruzin, Taiwan Railways Administration for Puyuma Express, and TOYOTA RAV4 commercials. Ku dedicates herself to promote eastern aesthetics and considers creation is managing a serious business.
Eastern Gouache  
Eastern Gouache  
Eastern Gouache  
Eastern Gouache  
162x162 cm