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Hsieh, Bin-Yan
Born in New Taipei City, Taiwan in 1990, Hsieh, Bin-Yan graduated from the Department of Visual Arts and Design of National University of Tainan, with a master degree. HSIEH applies hand-molded technique with collage of modeling clay to create the series. For current creations, he wants to convey the fluidity of time and lives. He thinks the surface is just a temporary image. After time goes through, the appearance of lives will change. His creations are a record to express the time.

The series of “The Time Thief” is HSIEH’s record and imagination about his student life in Tainan. Mottled bricks and tiles are like stacked modeling clay, which cover the animal's living body. The materials taken from nature and the texture of animals are combined into one. When life goes away with time, the physical function of "ceramic" carries the shape of the animal to survive in time. Time is like a sword, but some special emotions have been extended. And the artist gives the temporary life a future beyond we can imagine.