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Camille Leherpeur
Camille Leherpeur was born in 1990 in Paris. In 2011, he enters the printmaking studio at the school of fine arts of La Cambre in Brussels.
During his studies in printmaking, he started crafting performative items inspired by common shapes seen in European museums such as: crowns, masks, reliquary caskets, swords, scepters, and scrolls, etc. His props were then worn and activated during performances where he played a character defined by the objects he sported and especially the masks, like the Comedia dell’Arte or the Greek tragic theatre. Several personas are outlined in his practice, like the foolish king of nowhere, a reckless jester allowed to tell what he thinks is the truth, protected from retaliations by an aura of the fool blended with royal power.

Camille Leherpeur has been an active part of the International Printmaking Union: a joint movement, started in 2013 by the printmaking department of La Cambre, gathering institutions related to print. After several crits organized between students and head teachers of the printmaking departments of La Cambre, the Royal College of Arts, Central Saint Martins and the Royal academy of Antwerp, the movement exhibited group shows in Brussels and London.
Thanks to these exchanges, Camille successfully graduated from a master of Fine Art Central Saint Martins. There in London, he met a curator from the Tate who invited him to participate to the international project of Tate Art Exchange. This platform exhibited his work in Shristi, India in December 2015, then in the Tate Modern of London during the Video Provocation exhibition and the Annihilation event.

Camille Leherpeur:
45 x 15 x 23 cm
Oil painting 
34 x 21 cm
Mixed Media 
41 x 58 cm
Mixed Media 
280 x 200 cm
Mixed Media 
30 x 42 cm