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2017-03-18 - 2017-04-30
Artist Ching-Yun Lu --- Solo Exhibition

From March 18th to April 30th, Mincolors ArtRoom’ second art exhibition is running in 光一咖啡 / 光一旅集, in Taipei City.

It is Lu’s first solo exhibition, and it is exhibiting her s...
2017-03-01 - 2017-03-20
A dedication to all the women in the world

In this month’s online exhibition, as March 8th is the International Women’s Day,
we are humbly dedicating our respect to all the women in the world.

To all the women who brought lives to the earth,...
2017-02-01 - 2017-03-20
《 Future Galaxy 》 明日迷航

The plan to colonize the Red Planet, Mars, is getting much more realistic, according to the talk of Elon Musk in September, 2016.

In the extremely near future, we have to face the dilemma of whether we move to the ...
2017-01-27 - 2017-02-11
In the Gold edition, we also selected 15 works which glow the energy and happiness
of themselves and the soul of the viewers.
A few pieces even carry out the carnival styles and praise the pleasure pursuing idea.
In these shining and bright col...