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Artist Signs

1.Media techniques and creative forms of informal.
2.Component works as one.
3.Each person submits at least 3 to 8 pieces of work.
4.The picture is more than 300dpi( jpg or png file).
5.The artist shall be responsible for the plagiarism, reproduction, impersonation, copying, or any copyright dispute.

※ Please ensure that the works of art on the shelves are in stock. If the buyers order directly, but the works have been sold, the artists involved are obliged to deal with the Mincolors Artroom.
※ Artists to send out the form, gallery team will conduct a professional audit, through the post will have someone to contact, the contract signed. After the adoption of the Mincolors Artroom. Mincolors Artroom will provide the artist with a personal background, and the artist can watch the paintings instantly and authorize the sale of the goods.
※ Please provide three pieces (including) or more. If you want to show more than eight pieces of work volume of the questionnaire, contact person to sign, can be further proposed.
※Mincolors Artroom will retain the right to review the final work on the line and the next frame, such as temporarily not suitable for the project, will not notice.