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Company History

MinColors Artroom 

MinColors Artroom is an art e-commerce platform under the control of Letswin company that was officially 

launched in September 2016. The person in charge has a background in science and technology and has

gained many years of experience in international marketing and internet technology research and

development. In the near future, the network service project has been extended to the art field. From the

perspective of information, art has entered the concept of universal life, and a parallel, open and free global

art exchange platform has been constructed, so that the connotation and energy of art can be transmitted

through safe and simple mechanisms. The humanized web interface is delivered to the public around the

world to meet the artistic needs.

The global art channel industry is affected by the rapid development of the Internet, and the online art

market is booming. MinColors Artroom is the platform for artists and collectors to communicate without

borders, to create an interactive network. We target global markets and work with artists around the world.

There are now nearly 200 artists and thousands of artworks on MinColors platform. In addition to online,

MinColors also actively promotes offline, increasing the physical exposure of the works and international

exhibition opportunities, allowing the artist's personal brand to penetrate the art market.

Mincolors expects more creators, collectors, and art to join our platform to share rich art resources and

diverse artistic experiences as well as to show the true value of art.

August. 2015  The Taipei Office Established

September. 2016 The Online Platform Launched